A month of giving thanks

  • A month of giving thanks

    A month of giving thanks

    Holly at the Charleston Coffee Cup

    Holly at the Charleston Coffee Cup

    Over the last couple of years I’ve seen people on social media engage in month-long expressions of gratitude during November. It seemed a lovely way to approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas season – pausing daily to reflect on our many blessings.


    Clint and Kate 11.22.15

    Celebrating Clint’s birthday with dinner out.

    So this year I decided to be part of #30daysofgratitude. So far, I’ve only missed a handful of days (not because I wasn’t thankful that day but just forgot to post!). Plus, I tried to go beyond the basics. Of course, I’m thankful daily for food, clothing and a roof over my head. I’m thankful for my health, my family and a job I enjoy. Those seem obvious expressions of gratitude, and I wanted my November social media campaign to be truly unique to me and my life.


    I started the month grateful for my business, which marked its fourth anniversary on Nov. 1. To celebrate, I launched my new company website (which I’d been chipping away at for months). The month continued with gratitude shout outs to H.A.F. Creative clients, my Sisterhood small group at church, my fellow volunteers at Postpartum Support Charleston, supportive grandparents, my husband on his birthday, my daughter in her Girl Scout uniform and simple things like books and coffee.


    You can check out my posts on Instagram (@hollyannfisher).

    Moms Night Out

    Postpartum Support Charleston event


    This was such a fun exercise. It really got me thinking everyday about what to highlight. And it’s a reminder that even on hectic, crazy days where it seems nothing is going right, there is indeed a moment for which we can pause and give thanks. I think I’ve started a new November tradition. In fact, I’ll try to keep the practice going year round.


    Even though I might not post daily on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I can tuck away those little moments – my daughter’s smile, my husband’s laugh, a hot cup of coffee – and let my heart fill with gratitude.

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