Dads discuss dilemmas during PPD

  • Dads discuss dilemmas during PPD

    Dads discuss dilemmas during PPD

    It’s not always easy to talk about tough times in your life, but it’s worth it knowing your story may help others. While I’ve been vocal about my struggle with postpartum depression, I was proud of my husband for being interviewed by The Post and Courier about how PPD is tough on dads too. They know something is wrong with their wife or partner but just aren’t sure what to do. In my work with Postpartum Support Charleston, we try to educate dads (and other family members) about the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression/anxiety so they can reach out for help – especially if it’s too tough for the mom to ask for help on her own.


    Here’s an excerpt from the May 3, 2016, article by Derrek Asberry and you can read the full piece online:


    Despite how commonplace the condition may be, there is still a lack of discussion about postpartum depression and even less openness on the trickle-down effect it has on fathers, say Holly and Clint Fisher.


    For the better half of a year, Holly suffered from postpartum depression after her daughter, Kate, was born in 2008. Meanwhile, Clint performed a balancing act of work, caring for his daughter and wife, and wondering if things would ever return back to normal.

    “I was lucky because I don’t think I ever fell into depression or anything,” Clint said. “But I was definitely feeling more stressed because I wasn’t understanding where all of her stress was coming from.”

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