Eating local – take it up a notch

  • Eating local – take it up a notch

    Not long after I started doing CrossFit, I also took a hard look at my eating habits. They weren’t horrible (or so I thought) but there was definitely room for improvement. Plus my daughter was about 2 years old and I wanted to start her on the right path to eating healthy foods.

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    Over the last couple of years, my family has been doing its best to eat well. Fortunately, my husband does a lot – OK, make that all – of the grocery shopping and cooking. I despise being in the kitchen. Recipes with more than four ingredients are intimidating. I don’t find cooking relaxing or creative as some people do. I find it boring and stressful.


    Clint relies heavily on the for recipes and inspiration. It’s a website dedicated to eating Paleo (a popular diet among CrossFitters). It might sound fancy but really it’s nothing more than eating non-processed foods and loading up your diet with meats, nuts, vegetables and fruit. So we’ve cut from our pantry foods like bread, pasta, rice and snacks like Pop-Tarts and granola bars. That doesn’t mean I never eat a sandwich or have a slice of pizza; I just don’t have them regularly.


    I certainly feel better about our eating habits and love the idea I’ve tried many new foods. Guess what: cauliflower makes a delicious rice substitute and spaghetti squash tastes better than spaghetti noodles!


    My next goal for our family is to eat more local foods. I’m looking at how we can incorporate more shopping at the farmers market and whether we could purchase meat in bulk from a local farm. And I’ve love to go beyond a backyard tomato plant and into a larger home garden. I love the idea of eating local so I know I’m getting fresh, healthy foods but also I’m supporting local growers and farmers.


    This month Lowcountry Local First here in the Charleston area is challenging us all to commit to eating local – whether that’s shopping at the farmers market, joining a CSA or eating at restaurants that use locally sourced foods.


    Check out the Lowcountry Local First website for more info on the Eat Local Challenge and let me know how you’re changing up your eating habits to be more local.

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