Go ahead, say ‘yes!’

  • Go ahead, say ‘yes!’

    Go ahead, say ‘yes!’

    There’s something about turning 40 that makes you say, “Why not? Life’s short!” That’s why I decided this would be the year of “yes.” I was going to say “yes” to experiences and opportunities I may have said “maybe” or “no” to in the past.


    Earlier this year, Garth Brooks came to town and I said “yes” to immediately buying tickets. There was no pause to consider the cost or the timing. I haven’t been able to attend SPJ’s Excellence in Journalism conference for a few years so, guess what, I’m signed up to attend in September.


    The Dixie Chicks announce a U.S. tour, and I immediately get in touch my friend Ronda about when we can go. We traveled to Nashville 10 years ago for a Dixie Chicks concert, and I wasn’t passing up a chance to see a favorite band again. So in August, I drive to Ronda’s home near Orlando, and we hit the road for the concert in Tampa. No hesitation about the expensive tickets. No worrying about taking a couple days off work. It was just “yes, we are doing this!”


    My latest “yes” comes in an amazing shade of orange fully loaded with a Hemi and black racing stripes.


    Dodge Challenger 2016


    I’ve been drooling over the Dodge Challenger for probably three years. As my current Jeep Liberty approached 10 years old, it was time to start thinking about a new car. So Clint and I began putting aside some savings. When he suggested to go look at Challengers, I almost hesitated. Was it utterly ridiculous and impractical for a 40-year-old wife and mom to buy a muscle car?




    But this is the year of “yes” so at the end of May – just a couple weeks after my 40th birthday – I sat in the Dodge dealership placing the order for my dream car in a newly released paint color called “Go Mango.” (Pretty sure, I’m the first person in Charleston with this color.)


    She arrived this week and is as awesome as you might expect. In fact, I may have left people in my dust at a couple stoplights.


    Sometimes it’s tough to say “yes” to these things that seem frivolous. But when we take a step back, we realize there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to things that bring a smile to our face. Whether it’s a girls’ road trip to enjoy a concert or buying a sports car, it’s OK to say “yes.”


    And if someone wants to drag race down the highway, well, I just might say “yes” to that too! 😉


    (P.S. My CrossFit friends will appreciate that I named the new car Fran in honor of a classic CrossFit workout. Seemed fitting for a muscle car.)

    Dodge Challenger 2016Dodge Challenger 2016

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