H.A.F. Creative celebrates 5 years

  • H.A.F. Creative celebrates 5 years

    H.A.F. Creative celebrates 5 years

    Wow, five years! I can hardly believe on this day five years ago, I decided to launch out on my own. My intentions at that point were to do more freelance writing, work on a non-fiction book and do a little PR work. I had no idea H.A.F. Creative would blossom into the business it is today!


    I’m so fortunate to have blended all my passions into one job. Writing for local publications allows me to keep my fingers in my first love – journalism. Meeting and interviewing fascinating people and then writing their stories – how is that even work?


    My passion for nonprofits is evident in the number of charitable organizations that have come to me for marketing and PR help over the years. It’s truly a blessing to play a small role in their missions.


    As an entrepreneur myself, I can appreciate the work that goes into running a small business so it gives me great joy to help other small businesses market their products and services in our community.


    Thank you to the clients that have entrusted me to share your stories. I consider it an honor.


    In the last five years, I have given talks on various marketing and PR topics, served as president of the Charleston Chapter of the American Marketing Association and connected with Charleston’s many creative professionals.


    As a young woman just starting my career, I always expected to spend my entire life as a newspaper reporter. I couldn’t envision myself doing anything else. But life has a way of changing course and even the best-laid plans and plenty of hard work can’t fight off something like an economic recession. So I forged a new path and made new plans.


    I’m grateful to those who have supported and encouraged me along the way (my husband being at the top of that list). What will next five years bring? I hope much of the same mingled with new challenges and opportunities. Mostly, I hope to continue to make a difference and live a life of purpose through my business.


    Cheers to another five years!

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