Newlyweds in their 80s give each other laughter, companionship


Publication: The Post and Courier
Date: Nov. 29, 2013


Bob and Kathleen Slater couldn’t believe anyone would want to hear their story. “We’re just two old people trying to take care of each other,” Bob said.


That’s part of it, but dig deeper and you’ll find theirs is a story of two people who found love in their late 80s, who make each other laugh and who are an inspiration that life can be full and happy at any age.


Their stories started separately many years before. Bob had a career in the Navy, retiring to Charleston in the late 1970s for a warmer climate and a familiar community since he had been stationed here in 1948. Bob and his wife at the time, Claire, bought a house in West Ashley where they lived for 17 years. Then the couple moved just down the street to a one-story house as Claire’s health began to decline.


A few doors down lived Charleston native Kathleen McCauley. She knew Bob simply as a neighbor, offering a friendly wave now and then.



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