The boss announces all staff members will contribute to the company blog … you panic.

You think Facebook is just something "kids use."

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You call up a local reporter to pitch a story about your business. You don't have a specific angle, but your company sure is innovative and unique.

Any of these sound familiar? You could use a professional to not only make your life easier but help you achieve your goals - whether it's getting some media attention for your business or organization, creating better content for social media or simply understand the best social media tools to your audience.

H.A.F. Creative offers a variety of writing, marketing and public relations services.

Reporting and writing: Hire an experienced journalist skilled in interviewing, meeting deadlines and creating engaging, well-researched articles.

Blogging/content marketing: Businesses and nonprofit organizations like the idea of having a blog, but often lack the time and expertise to keep it updated with posts that speak to the audience in a meaningful way. Holly has written many corporate and organization blogs covering everything from armored cars and tourism to local parks and company staffing.

Copywriting for websites or marketing materials: If you're planning a website redesign, work with a professional writer who can help craft your message in a clear and concise way.

Editing: Whether it's a magazine project, a website or marketing materials, it pays to have a professional review your work for style consistency, spelling, accuracy and clarity.

Public relations: Who better to determine the most newsworthy aspects of your company or organization than a former full-time reporter? Work with a professional who understands the world of media - story ideas, deadlines and how best to approach reporters.

Social media: H.A.F. Creative offers social media consulting to assist businesses and nonprofit organizations in determining the most effective social media networks and how to create and manage the accounts, including content creation and audience engagement.

Website development: This service is specially geared toward small businesses and nonprofit organizations who want a new and up-to-date website at a reasonable price.

Please call Holly at 843-991-1689 for a free consultation and to discuss detailed services and pricing.